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Protecting your small, home or mid sized business from liability, loss, theft or damage is simple and cost effective with our affordable business insurance.

Business insurance also known as liability insurance is designed for anyone who rents, owns or operates a business out of a home, retail establishment or commercial building. This type of basic insurance generally covers business owners from personal and public liability in the event that  an accident or injury occurs on the premises.  

While liability is not the only form of business insurance available, it is the minimum that any business owner must consider. 

Other types of business insurance include:

  • Income Protection
  • Health Insurance
  • Rental Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Fire & Theft
  • Industry specific Insurance

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There are a number of specialized coverage options available for workers and employers to protect themselves from injury, loss of unemployment or personal liability.

Coverage is often based on the specific needs of individuals, business and/or the industries in which the coverage was created for. As an example, construction workers have different options than office administrators simply based on the dangers involved.

Business insurance can also be purchased as part of a collective or group and different rates and options apply.

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