Home Insurance is not just for homeowners

cropped Ireland Village Wallpaper Home Insurance is not just for homeowners


It does not matter whether you rent or own your dwelling, home insurance provides peace of mind in the event that something unexpected occurs to cause loss or damage to the property or the contents within it.

The cost of rebuilding or replacing after a fire, flood or robbery is astronomical and not something most people can afford.

One of the deadliest and most talked about Hurricane in recent history struck the US coastline early in 2005. Rough estimates put the damage that Katrina cost at over 108 billion US dollars.  It has been 9 years since that faithful day and many families still have not been able to rebuild or have fully recovered from the devastation. Ireland is no stranger to natural disaster, where will your family be when disaster strikes?


Can you afford to replace property or contents of a property without some form of rental or home insurance coverage? 


If you cause damage to a rented property or the damage incurred is the direct result of negligence on your part, you may be held liable by a court of law.

There are home insurance policies that cover replacement and rebuilding costs for renters too.  Compare rates and policies here:

Did you know? Most banks in Ireland require you to have home insurance if you have a mortgage with them. This protects the bank in case of loss to the property before the home is paid for in full.

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Things you may be interested to learn about home insurance:


  • Contents are defined as everything you have in your home of value that you can take with you if you were to sell or move your home. This include items like furniture, electronics and personal items.
  • Contents are protected under home insurance if you provide proof of purchase.

We recommend that you keep all of your receipts in a fireproof safety deposit box complete with an inventory of all your household items for easy retrieval should you ever need it.

  • Certain situations apply that might required specialized insurance such as renting, owning or operating a business from your home, being a landlord or insuring smaller buildings such as a shed or garage that are located on or attached to your property.

Cover.ie insurance partners offer a wide variety of insurance options and packages to suit every individual need some of these include:

  • Mortgage Protection
  • Rental Insurance
  • Possession Insurance
  • Garage and Shed Insurance
  • Fire and Theft protection