Life Insurance Coverage for today’s busy lifestyle

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Insurance matters – because life happens!


Life is exciting and often unpredictable, however, the truth is, it can also be completely unbearable when something unexpected happens. Situations occur that can be emotionally and financially draining such as an injury, loss of employment or death of a family member.


Luckily, for every obstacle that life can throw at us, there is also insurance coverage to protect us.


It does not matter whether you need income protection, mortgage insurance, pet insurance, life insurance, car insurance or even wedding insurance, has the most competitive prices in Ireland for just about every type of insurance and every lifestyle that exists.

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In today’s fast paced society where life can change in a moment’s notice, insurance is no longer an option, it is a necessity.

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Still wondering, why you need life insurance coverage?


It is estimated that by the year 2024 an average small funeral will cost over €18750.00. This estimate is based on research conducted by a number of leading insurance companies who have found that since 2004, funeral costs are steadily increasing at an annual rate of 7.2%. To put this number into perspective one must consider the fact that it is considerably higher than the current inflation rate which is set at about 4%. If funeral costs continue along this pattern, it will create an unfavourable gap between the two and most people will not be able to afford to bury themselves or their loved ones.

It is interesting to note that this cost analysis only covers the basics expenses of a funeral and does not include extras such as flower arrangements, announcements, family gatherings and memorials therefore the real costs are significantly higher.

Based on these statistics, it is not surprising to learn that about 17% of the population struggles with funeral costs and most people fall short around €3125.00.


Where will you or your loved ones find this additional money if you do not have life insurance coverage?


Far too often people do not plan for the unexpected and it is only when disaster strikes that they begin to realize how important having life insurance is.

Do not be one of those individuals, budget some of your money for life insurance, compare rates and give yourself and your family peace of mind knowing that you are covered when the time comes.

When you think about it this way, a few euros a month spent on life insurance is like money saved for a rainy day when you really need. The truth is, it is a lot easier to put a few euros a month aside than it is to have come up with large sum all at one time.

The best part – not only will life insurance cover your funeral costs, but there will be a great deal of additional money to pay any and all of your debts and still have a little something left over for your family.  Isn’t that reason enough?


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 Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain!