Motor Insurance protects all drivers

Motor Insurance CoverIE Motor Insurance protects all drivers

In Ireland, Motor insurance is required by law in order to operate a vehicle.

Coverage varies by company, situation and type of vehicle, however, the basic coverage options are relatively the same.

At a minimum, you will need to have basic third party motor insurance which covers passengers and other drivers in the event of a collision, but it does not cover damage or loss to the vehicle itself. It is by far the cheapest form of motor insurance and many people opt for this when they have an older vehicle that is deemed unworthy of replacing.

This type of insurance only protects the driver from personal liability and for this reason it is not highly recommended.

  • It is important to note that you may be compensated for damages incurred with this type of insurance if the collision is proven to be caused by the other driver, however, the coverage paid and terms are based on each individual insurance company and they often only cover the listed value of the vehicle.

The journey is only worth the trip if you make it worthwhile


Bike Insurance Cover IE Motor Insurance protects all drivers


Third party with fire and theft protection is the most popular form of insurance in Ireland. This type of insurance covers drivers and their vehicles from almost every mishap and coverage is paid regardless of how the damage was incurred or who is at fault.

It is a bit more expensive than regular third party insurance, but for the vast majority of drivers, it is the most practical and what we at recommends most often.

  • If you are considering this type of motor insurance, be prepared to research and verify what loss is actually covered by the policy before signing on the dotted line, coverage varies a great deal depending on company, situation, vehicle size and the type of vehicle.

A new vehicle should always be fully insured.

Comprehensive Insurance, as it’s name suggests, is the most comprehensive, albeit expensive type of insurance coverage that is offered and covers everything regardless of how the damage or loss occurred.

If you have invested a great deal of money into a new car, motorcycle, motorhome or boat, obviously you would want to make certain that it is fully insured with the best type of motor coverage possible. It doesn’t get any better than comprehensive insurance!

 Motor Insurance protects all drivers


Why compare motor insurance rates?


When it comes to motor insurance in Ireland drivers should shop around and compare rates because it is a highly competitive markets and therefore you can get a better deal if you take the time to look.

A young driver who recently obtained his or her drivers license is an example of a situation that may affect the cost and rate of coverage.  If you do not shop around and compare, you may find yourself paying exorbitant rates that could have been avoided.

Your time is valuable and when it comes to motor insurance, no truer words have been spoken. Take the time to research and you will save a great deal of money.

In fact, it is for this reason that insurance exists in the first place.

We want to make certain that our customers get a fair and reasonable price for all their insurance needs regardless of the situation.

There is a type of insurance for just about every type of vehicle in Ireland. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Motorbike Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Motor Breakdown Insurance
  • Car Hire Insurance
  • Truck Insurance
  • Bike Insurance



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