Specialty Insurance from Cover.IE

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Insurance coverage was once very limited to life, home, health, car and travel and did not really offer much in the way of protection for loss or damage to personal items or protect individuals from unexpected situations.

This is no longer the case.

As we move towards a more global, socially and technologically advanced marketplace, the need for specialized insurance is growing at an alarming rate and insurance companies are scrambling to meet the growing demands of the industry.

Cover.ie is always researching new and interesting types of specialty insurance to offer to its clients.

Specialty insurance is designed to meet a variety of individual and personal insurance needs not currently covered by standard policies such as:

  • Gadget insurance

Gadget insurance covers the replacement or repair of electronics, computers and other expensive gadgets.

  • Pet Insurance

Pet insurance covers rising veterinary fees, pet burial and in some cases, damage caused by pets.

  • Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance covers damage caused by guests to rented facilities, injuries to guests, last minute cancellations and service provider mishaps.

Sadly, it is only when something bad happens that most people realize how important insurance is, however, insurance is slowly becoming trendy and things will change a great deal in the future as things become more and more expensive to replace and take care of.

ipod nano  macbook Specialty Insurance from Cover.IE

Specialty insurance is not just for personal usage.

More and more, small and mid sized business owners are looking toward specialty insurance to protect them from loss and liability.

Imagine how much it costs to replace an entire network of damaged computers from a small flood in the office or to repay an entire wedding party because your employee failed to show up?

When you think about it, it is not hard to see just how important specialty insurance can be.

How can cover.ie insurance help to protect you today? There are a number of ways:

  • Mobile Phone Insurance
  • Phone Insurance
  • Laptop insurance
  • Tablet  insurance            
  • IPad insurance
  • Camera  Insurance
  • Satellite Navigation system insurance
  • MP3 player insurance
  • Camcorder, games and other electronic insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Wedding Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Medical Insurance

Specialty Insurance because variety is the spice of life.